Terms & Conditions


  1. Au Pairs should be treated as one of the family and given plenty of opportunity to improve their English. They are not qualified staff and will only have had experience in their home or babysitting, therefore one must not expect an equivalent standard of work as a Nanny, Housekeeper or Domestic Help.
  2. An Au Pair is required to help out with the children and carry out light household duties. Hours of work are as stated by the Home Office and are 25 hours per week with 2evenings babysitting and 2 full days free preferably Saturday & Sunday.  If any additional hours are required it must be with the Au Pair’s consent and for extra pocket money.
  3. Both the family and the Au Pair must telephone the Agency within one week of the Au Pair’s arrival to let the Agency know that all is well.
  4. Pocket money is at least £80 per week, full board and lodgings must be given. The Au Pair must have her own private room.
  5. The family must abide by these Terms of Business. Failure to do so will lead to immediate forfeiture of the total amount paid to the Agency and the same will apply if the Au Pair is dismissed without notice or ordered to leave without at least two week’s pocket money in lieu.
  6. The Agency accepts no responsibility once an agreement has been finalised between the Au Pair and the family.
  7. The Agency shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage, injury , expense or inconvenience suffered or incurred by the family in employing an Au Pair. In addition, the Agency shall not be responsible for any breach by the Au Pair in his/her Terms of Employment or for any other act or omission whether wilful, negligent or otherwise.
  8. The Agency accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss resulting from the introduction arrangement nor from any disagreement that may arise.
  9. The acceptance of any Au Pair introduced by the Nanny & Au Pair Connection will be deemed an acceptance of our Terms & Conditions of Business and an agreement to pay the fees as indicated.
  10. Once an agreement is made between the Au Pair and yourselves the fee is payable. This fee must be paid within 7 days of the invoice date or immediately if the Au Pair needs to get a visa or sort out her travel and is needed quickly. Should the family cancel once an agreement is made 50% of the fee will be charged.
  11. Au Pairs cannot be reserved for more than 7 days due to the high demand and the paperwork involved.
  12. All information in respect of prospective Au Pairs to clients is given to client in strict confidence. Should any details of any Au Pair be given to any third party without our knowledge the appropriate Agency fee will be due immediately from the person who has passed on this information.
  13. If the family cancels an agreement once an agreement has been made and the Au Pair has accepted and purchased her/his ticket, or the family have found other childcare, no refund will be given.
  14. Should the Au Pair fail to take up her/his position, a replacement will be found. Should no replacement be found within one month a refund of 50% will be granted.
  15. Should an Au Pair prove to be unsatisfactory or leave within the first month one free replacement will be offered. Such free replacement will be given if the Agency is advised of the unsatisfactory placement and provided the conditions laid down by the Home Office regarding working hours, duties involved and treatment by the family have been observed. Should the family find alternative childcare and not want another au pair then no refund is given where we have sent on au pairs and worked with the family to replace.
  16. No refunds will be given on short term Au Pairs.

Refunds will only be made providing the invoice has been paid within 7 days of invoice date.

If you require an Au Pair from the Nanny & Au Pair Connection please complete the “Request an Au Pair” on-line form here on the website which will be emailed back to us. We will then send on some files for you to look at, choose a girl/boy and we will arrange for you to speak to her/him.

Please remember that the Au Pairs are not yet fluent at the English language and you must have a little patience with them on the telephone and on arrival.

Do write a list of questions for your au pair and “Get to Know“ her/him before (s)he arrives.

Once contact has been made and you have selected your Au Pair, the Agency must be informed so that we can start the necessary paperwork involved in preparation for your Au Pair’s arrival.

The Nanny & Au Pair Connection has 22 agents abroad who interview the Au Pairs, check all references and make sure that your Au Pair is well briefed on duties as an Au Pair. All Au Pairs come with Medical and Police Checks.

NOTE:  We do not take Au Pairs from the Internet.


It is expressly agreed between the parties hereto that the following terms and conditions are incorporated in the Agreement between the Agency and Client and that the same is accepted and agreed

1.             NOTIFICATION

The employer must pay tax & National Insurance Contributions for full time staff.  The Agency will help and advise on this and will send notes on employing domestic staff and Contracts of Employment.

1.1           You the client and prospective employer must immediately inform the Agency once an engagement is arranged.

1.2.          Upon notification as above you must state the following:

1.2.1.       Exact date of engagement of employment and the date of commencement of work if later.

1.2.2.       In the case of temporary engagement the date of commencement and also the exact number of weeks of employment.

1.2.3        You must inform us immediately if the temporary employment becomes a permanent engagement of employment of the employee.

1.2.4.       All temporary staff must be re-engaged through the Agency.

1.2.5.       Engagement shall be defined as being the date when the terms of employment are first agreed and not when your employee commences duties (if later).

2.             PAYMENT

2.1.          As soon as you engage your employee the appropriate fee to the Agency will be invoiced.  Invoices must be paid within 7 days of the invoice date.

2.2.          A surcharge of £10 per week will be imposed failing this.

2.3.          In the case of overseas clients, payment must be made in sterling within 10 days of the invoice date and in any event before the applicant leaves the UK to take up her/his post.

3.             FAILURE TO NOTIFY

3.1.          If you are in breach of your obligation to notify the Agency in accordance with section 1 above, the Agency reserves the right to charge you the full fee for a permanent employee placement notwithstanding the actual length of employment you have agreed with your employee.

4.             CONFIDENTIALITY

4.1.          Introductions and prospective employee personnel details provided by the Agency to you are strictly confidential.  If details and introductions provided exclusively for you are passed to someone else without our written consent, which results in an engagement of that prospective employee, you will be personally responsible for the payment of the Agency’s appropriate fee.


5.1.          Provided our invoice has been paid by you within the stipulated time period under clause 2 above:

5.1.1.       and your permanent employee leaves your employment within 4 weeks of the date they commenced their employment with you the Agency shall use its best endeavours to provide free of charge further details of prospective employees to fill the position;

5.1.2.           Should your employee fail to take up the appointment with you after the engagement has been agreed between you and the employee the Agency shall use its best endeavours to provide at no further cost to you further details of prospective employees to fill the position

5.1.3.           If the employer cancels the services of an employee before the employee starts work and work has been done, half the fee will be charged. 

6.                    REFUNDS

6.1           No refund is available where the client makes other arrangements during the period in which a replacement is being sought.  Absence from work due to illness does not qualify for refund.  If the employee leaves employment due to conditions, either in her work or generally, that are unreasonable with regard to the general expectations prevalent in the market at the time of the engagement, no claim for refund can be entertained.  Termination of employment due to clash of personality does not qualify for refund.


The Agency fees relate to the successful introduction and engagement by you of one prospective employee only.  Should you wish to engage another prospective employee in the future from the Agency a full placement fee will be charged.

7.1.          A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged for cancellation by the client of a firm booking.

8.             EMPLOYEES

8.1.          Whilst every care is taken by the Agency to introduce suitable prospective employees to you the ultimate responsibility as to whether they should be offered a position of employment with you is to be your own.

8.1.1.       You shall assume responsibility for checking references even though the Agency may have done so.  It is expressly agreed between the Agency and yourself that the Agency is not in any way responsible for any loss, damage, delay or personality conflict arising out of any introduction of prospective employees whether they are or are not offered employment by you.

8.1.2.       You as the employee’s employer shall satisfy yourself as to the integrity, capability, character, history, age or suitability of any employee or prospective employee introduced through the Agency.  It is agreed by you that the Agency shall not be liable to you or any third party in relation to breach of the above.

You must agree the salary, duties, time off and travelling expenses if relevant, employment conditions and period of notice of termination of employment from either yourself or your employee, before the engagement is made.

If your employee is dismissed before completing the agreed period of notice your employees salary in lieu shall still be paid to your employee by you.